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X-ray instrument


X-rays are an electromagnetic wave. The X-ray foreign matter detector is from 10 to 8 to 10-12 m (100 ~ 0.01 å) X-rays that are extremely short in the X-ray tube.

Tube current:

The tube current refers to the flow of electricity from the cathode to the anode in the X-raid. The X-ray changes as the amount of tube current changes. The tube current value is adjusted according to the type of the subject, the type of product being prepared.

Tube voltage:

The tube voltage refers to the pressure applied between the anode and the cathode of the X-ray pipe. The higher the voltage, the shorter the wavelength of X-rays, the stronger the penetration ability. The tube voltage value is adjusted according to the type of the subject, the species of the product.

Gye (GY) absorbed dose:

It is an energy unit that is electroplated radiation radiation in unit substances. It is equivalent to 1 kg of substance to accept 1 joule energy. Expressed with 1GY (Gori).

Sevot Dose Equivalent (SV):

The dose equivalent (SV) is a unit representing the effect of the biological tissue. Depending on the type of radiation, it is equal to the value of the product of the correlation coefficient of the linear coefficient. Dose equivalent H (SV) = D (gy) × Q (linear coefficient) × n (correction coefficient). In terms of X-rays, Q, N is considered to be 1, which can be expressed as 1sV = 1Gy.