We have become an industry leader in automated sewing solutions because we listen to our customers.

Provide users with a tailor-made detection device and an overall solution for automation transformation.

Change the traditional detection mode of the shoes and clothing industry.

As a trustworthy partner, Easement is committed to providing customers with leading innovation products to help users solve a variety of product quality issues, helping customers make greater success.

We have leading technical support platforms, covering the world’s after-sales service network, online online service and website message center, helping users have access to Easement professional technicians,providing technical advice and support for users in the shortest possible time, explore solutions, and solve problems encountered by customers.

We are convinced that the solution to customers with satisfaction or exceeding their needs is the key to success. Therefore, we have long been committed to providing customers with value-added services outside the basic service. We sincerely win the user’s heart.

While advocating to serve customers, we pay attention to our customers’ personalized demand, and truly do a quarry. Work with the customer’s production experts to study all factors that will affect the test process to select the most suitable solution.

Buy Easement`s product, enjoy the world’s after-sales service.

Quick response: 24/7 hotline support, instant reply, 24 hours in place.

One year warranty: Users credit or purchase contracts, within one year, it is not damaged, can be replaced free of charge, free labor, travel expenses.

Lifetime maintenance: The company has long been providing users with technical consulting, technical training, product upgrading, etc.

Regular inspection: After the user purchases the product, the company will arrange the technical staff to regularly invoice to ensure that the equipment is operating in good condition.

Tailor-made: design and production separately according to the special circumstances of the user.

The relevant after-sales service is issued by the company headquarters.

If you have any questions, you can leave a message online, we will give you a reply as soon as possible.