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Regulations for metal detector law

In the 1970s, Japan promulgated Japanese clothing standard testing in the seventy years in order to protect the interests of consumers and the safety of consumers.

Test regulations: Any import and export costume must pass the testing instrument, and no break or small strap is left in the clothing. Otherwise, give 10,000 US $ 30,000 in economic penalties.

In the 1980s, the United States, Taiwan successive method also issued a detection method of clothing import and export.

In the 1990s, South Korea and China have been introduced in accordance with international practices, and they will start the production of needlers in accordance with international practices. At the same time, it also begins to explore theory and practice perspectives from the theoretical and practical perspective of the nature, scope of technology indicators, operating procedures, maintenance, maintenance, and upgrades, maintenance, maintenance, and upgrades.

As can be seen from the following:

1. Discuss the definition and nature of the needlers, and regulate.

2. The need for needle applicator is specified, and the industry is specified.

(1) Industry that is easily harmful to human life.

(2) Easy to generate harmful products for human life.

(3) Export to foreign clothing, shoes, handbags, brands, crafts, medicines, food and other products.

3.the needle detector various technical indicators.

(1) The height and width of the needlers.

(2) Test standards corresponding to the height and width of the needlers.

(3) Technical requirements for retrievulator delivery, carrying.

(4) various technical indicators of electronic components.

(5) Specifications, technical indicators of computer chips, computer programs.

(6) Magnetic field induction range, strongly approved.

(7) Data processing of the signal during the detection process of the needle detector.

(8) The sharpness of the needle detector is constant.

(9) The principle of the constant needle body.

(10) Preset, exclude, exclude, exclude.

(11) Treatment of routine performance and special performance of the needlers.

(12) Characteristics, differences of nematic needle detector, computer type reinforcement, anti-interference needle detector.

(13) Confirmation of needle specification and model.

(14) Design of the quality of the needle equipment, the design of the appearance.

(15) Confirmation of the price ratio of the needlers.

4, the operating procedure for the needlers.

5. Maintenance and maintenance of the needlers.

6. Troubleshooting.