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Automatic weighing machine

  • Automatic detection scale

    Measurement range:

    The range of the automatic weight selection machine can correctly weigh the count.

    According to the meter, the maximum measurement range of the still scale is the value of the maximum accuracy of the scale, and the minimum measuring range is an accuracy level of the scales. The automatic weight selection machine does not apply to the metering method without a uniform mark. The maximum measurement range of the automatic weight selection machine of Shanghai Easement is referring to the value of the maximum accuracy, and the minimum measurement range is determined by the transfer, the scale structure, the selection accuracy, and the measurement unit, and the like.

    Selection accuracy:

    Still scales represent accuracy of accuracy level (the difference between the actual mount weight and the scale of the scale). The automatic weight selection machine is based on whether the weight of the product meets the specifications, the accuracy of the scale is expressed. The smaller this value, the higher the accuracy of the automatic weight selection machine.

    Maximum representation value:

    The range of the weight value (metering value) that can be represented. It is generally 1.1 times the measurement range.

    Minimum measure:

    Also called minimum scale, indicating the minimum change interval of the value.

    Limit value setting range:

    The product was set to three sorting sections, which were orthostatic, qualified, and overweight, and need to set a limit of two cases of light and bias. The set range of this limit value is represented as 0g ~ maximum representation value.

    Number of selection:

    The number of three sections, which are ignored, qualified, super heavy, generally the execution of the bulged weight, qualified 2 selection.

    Measurement tolerance:

    When the metering method “Measures the sales government designated goods (specific items), it is not possible to exceed the range of measurement errors specified in the government.

    This error is called metrology tolerance.


    The functionality of the measurement is automatically switched according to the weight of the product being prepared, and the function of the selection accuracy is improved. With 0.1 g of the representation of 2500 g of the product, the decomposing capacity is 1/25000, if the weighing 250g, the decomposition ability becomes 1/2500, and the selection accuracy is lowered. If multiple-range functions, 0.02g of representation is used to weigh 250 g of the product, and the decomposition capability can be maintained at 1/12500.

    Static inspection scale

    Measurement accuracy ():

    Automatic electronic measuring machine cannot be expressed because σ is not expressed because it is not possible to discharge materials below the target count. Therefore, the difference between the target value and the measurement result is represented by metering accuracy. The smaller the value, the higher the combination accuracy.