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Metal detector

Detection card:

It is used to confirm foreign matter specimens for detecting sensitivity.

Metal detector uses Fe (iron) iron ball.

Detecting sensitivity:

Expressed with the detected foreign body size. Better test sensitivity means that smaller foreign objects can be detected. The detecting sensitivity recorded by the product sample refers to the minimum size obtained in the case of only the test piece is input. In actual use, the detecting sensitivity is different depending on the type of foreign matter, the physical properties (content, shape, etc.) of the measuring object (content, shape, etc.).

working principle:

The magnets and inspection coils in the upper and lower magnetic heads are commonly formed into a needle working magnetic field with the power supplies of the access machine. When there is iron-like foreign matter with iron, it will cause a change in local magnetic field environment. Causes fluctuations in instantaneous current of local magnetic fields. The perceived abnormal current will be transferred to the control circuit board and compared with the previously set inspection sensing, when this change is achieved or exceeds the detection sensitivity value set when the device is set, The control circuit board will make a alarm, stop, and the belt will fall back to such an instruction; and finally complete this action.