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All metal detector

Testing tablets:

It is used to confirm foreign matter specimens for detecting sensitivity.

Metal detecting machine uses Fe (iron) iron ball and SUS304 (stainless steel) steel ball.

Detection sensitivity:

Expressed with the detected foreign body size. Better test sensitivity means that smaller foreign objects can be detected. Product sample

The test sensitivity recorded in this release refers to the minimum size obtained by only input the test piece. In actual use, check the sensitivity

of the test can be different depending on the type of foreign matter, the physical properties of the measured object (content, shape, etc.) use the



(DIGITAL SIGNAL processor, Digital Signal Processing)

Index signal processing, or microprocessor for digital signal processing designed.

Digital data such as sound, image, measurement value, only extract the required signal, and perform real-time fast digital signals

Technology of reason. Use digital filtration, waveform analysis and other means.