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Standard inspection process of metal detector in production workshop

1. Purpose: Standardize the inspection buffer inspection press according to the operation instruction

2. Scope: Suitable for packaging inspection workshops

3, responsibilities:

1) The detection press is operated in accordance with a context step, and is responsible for the relevant record;

2) The supervisor is responsible for the review of the operation record of the needle machine;

3) The mechanical staff is responsible for contacting equipment maintenance and proofreading;

4) The Administration will carry out irregular supervision and spot checks for any departmental inspection operation;


1) The metal items carried by the vehicle need to be carried out at the fixed location (including key, watch, work permit and other metal items) before the needing needle operation, and cannot be placed in the vicinity of the needle Iron metal items.

2) When the needle machine is operated, the needle to be inspected is stable, first detect the performance of the needle machine (the performance of the detection needle can be used with ferromagnetic metal detection card or detection block), respectively detect the needle machine The left and right magnetic field, all the test results need to be recorded.

3) Each needle machine must be detected twice a day (before morning / afternoon, the night shift is detected after each time it is turned on).

4) During the operation of the needle machine, do not collide, vibrate the needle. The top of the machine can not deceptor, and the probe should not be a stack of items. There should be no active iron parts around the needle machine, such as a cart, tea cup, etc., otherwise it will cause misuse alarm.

5) When the needle sensitivity adjustment Once set, please do not change the settings at will, you need to lock, avoid others to adjust the functional health, causing the needle detection and over the detection of the needle.

6) After completing the performance test of the needle machine and record it, it can begin to put the detected insulated on the needle detection machine for inspection.

7) All goods need to be carried out by the inspector through the detection machine test, and sign the process record after the verifier column, and record a batch of statistics, the maintenance data, the supervisor of the Data, the supervisor.

8) All orders and goods that do not contain metal items should be detected by the needle machine.

9) Any product has an attachment that cannot pass the needle, and should ensure that the semi-finished inspection machine detection before the part is detected.

10) If any product does not pass the needle machine, you should find all the metal objects with your hand-to-need, and record it in the record form. If you can’t find the metal, you don’t pass the needle machine. It is a scrap product, and the scrap product will be detached in accordance with the duty of the workshop.

11) The daily cleaning and maintenance of the needle machine is responsible for the inspection needle.

12) Fault and countermeasure:

①If the needle makes a failure, if it is sometimes not called, when the test contains a trace ferrous material, the instrument will not detect normal, that is, this phenomenon, this is normal, as long as there is It does not alarm twice, indicating that the test is qualified.

②Misunderstanding: After using a period of time, it is possible to mix into the iron filings in the conveyor, which will cause false alarm, and immediately rub the conveyor with the soft cloth immediately.

③Marking Possible Causes: It is possible that there is a motor, clutch, sewing machine, electric fan, air conditioning, etc. , Including the top, right; it is possible to use the mobile phone, watch, etc. cause. At this time, the cover should be removed from the two sides of the machine, with warm water, the towel is patient and carefully cleans the conveyor belt on both sides (especially the opposite side).

④Regulation of the transfer belt: When the needle machine is running for a while, the shield (one direction can be adjusted by adjusting the conveyor tape adjustment screw, if it cannot be adjusted, it will be reported to the department at this time. The Administration Notice the Administrative Purchasing Department contact the electrician or supplier maintenance.