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The new Unicorn Gundam dunk will be on sale soon

Recently, the latest Unicorn Gundam joint dunk upper foot physical map was exposed on the Internet, which attracted the high attention of netizens. Unicorn Gundam and dunk shoes are a dunk sb jointly designed with the theme of Japanese national animation and the IP model Gundam.
The unicorn Gunda dunk is the same as the unicorn Gunda. The main color is mainly white, and the unicorn pattern is printed on the outside of the heel. In addition, the biggest highlight of this shoe is that the Swoosh on the antenna pattern of the unicorn Gunda’s head has a magic patch hook design, which basically restores the violent armor form of the unicorn in Gunda’s animation.
From the appearance of this shoe, in addition to the main color of white covering the whole shoe body, the outline of the shoe body is outlined with red lines, which echo with the red shoelaces and lining; The tongue and heel are decorated with black, which not only avoids the monotony of heel and tongue, but also makes the color matching of this shoe more similar to that of Gundam middle unicorn.
It is reported that this Unicorn Gundam co branded dunk will be on sale this summer. At the same time, another corresponding dunk shoe inspired by the Banshee will also appear at the same time. Friends who like this shoe type, don’t miss it!