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Adidas launched a new generation of 3D print sports shoes

On August 11, Adidas launched a new generation of 3D printing sports shoes in the Chinese market: 4DFWD running shoes series, similarly used Adidas 4D in Adidas and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Company CARBON.
In the Adidas 4D series, the price of 1699 yuan is also the cheapest running shoes in Adidas, 32% cheaper than the previous running shoes AlphaEdge 4D, the same as the Ultra 4D running shoes launched in August 2020.
This 4DFWD running shoe has been exposed in May this year and is exposed in this year’s Tokyo Olympics.
Adidas said in the official press release, the new 4DFWD is screened from 5 million possibilities, and its name is related to technology. Compared with the midsole of the prostitute AlphaEdge 4D, 4D Run, the 4DFWD neutral grid is designed to drive runners. In the dynamic anti-fatigue test of the heel, the adidas 4DFWD is increased by 23% of the slow-spotability compared to the upper generation of 4D, and the forward propulsion has increased by three times.
There is also a reduction in weight. The same UK8.5 yards, the weight of the 4DFWD running shoes was reduced by 11.8% compared to the ULTRA 4D running shoe launched in August 2020.
At the same time after the sale of the 4DFWD sports shoes, Adidas also issued a lower price of the 4DFWD Pulse series in the Chinese market. The 4DFWD Pulse series uses 4DFWD, traditional EVA, and pricing of 1299 yuan may help attract more consumers.
These two new series running shoes passed the official Mall of Adidas, Tmall official flagship store, WeChat applet, offline shop and official APP.
5 years, Adidas 4D in Adidas is gradually advanced to mass production. In April 2016, Adidas discussed with Carbon Company, which launched Futurecraft 4D running shoes, but the number of retail in the same year was only 5,000 pairs. AlphaEdge 4D listed in 2017, printing time for each pair of shoes for about 30-35 minutes. But this pair of shoes still belongs to limited models and “big goods”, and the number of retail retailers is 100,000, of which 10,000 are in the Chinese market.
In the last 3 years, Adidas has developed 4D technology. These cooperation include cooperating with designer brands Stella McCartney, marine environmental organization Parley, and even Adidas also stuffed 4D in Ultraboost in 2015, launched Ultra 4D running shoes.