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Change the traditional detection mode of the shoes and clothing industry.

Congratulations to the company’s laboratory through CNAS national recognition laboratory certification

Recently, Shanghai Easement Electric Co., Ltd. laboratory officially obtained the laboratory national approval certificate, certificate number: CNAS L15301, indicating that the company laboratory has been carried out according to international guidelines. Calibration / detection technology, not only reflects the powerful competitiveness of the quality management of Shanghai Easement Electric Co., Ltd., but also marks the Shanghai Easement Electric Co., Ltd. Laboratory with professional and technical personnel and advanced testing equipment. Resources can provide professional, fast, and efficient testing services.
CNAS is the English abbreviation of China’s qualified assessment of the National Accounting Committee, which is the only institution that is eligible to issue a national recognition laboratory in China approved and authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Supervision and Administration Commission. The area of ​​the company’s laboratory CNAS certification is the raw material, semi-finished product and finished detection of shoes and textiles, and the detection capacity project range includes metal foreign matter detection.
After intentional application, formal application, review preparation, document review, on-site review, approved approval, company laboratory successfully obtained CNAS national recognition laboratory certification. This marks that the company’s laboratory has the ability to manage national and internationally recognized management levels and testing capabilities, with more rigorous testing, providing more powerful technical support for the company’s testing product quality. At the same time, the company’s laboratory testing capacity has been internationally recognized, which helps to enhance the credibility of the company’s products and the influence of branding, and promote the development of industry levels, providing platforms for participating in bilateral and multilateral cooperation exchanges recognized by the International Laboratory.